Friday, August 23, 2013

Potty Training Boys

When your baby is sitting on the potty, it is necessary for him to have the ability to lean slightly forward with his feet on the bottom, notably when he is having a bowel movement. Most specialists advise shopping for a baby-sized potty, which your toddler can declare for his own and which may also really feel more secure to him than sitting on a full-measurement toilet. (Many toddlers fear falling into the bathroom, and their nervousness can intervene with potty training.)

Should you want to purchase an adapter seat in your regular bathroom, be sure it feels comfortable and safe and attaches firmly. You'll also want to provide your son with a stool, since he needs to be able to maneuver on and off the potty simply any time he must go and to stabilize himself with his feet to push during bowel movements.

When shopping for a potty to your son, search for one with no urine guard (or one you'll be able to remove). Whereas they could protect your bathroom from just a little stray pee, extra typically they tend to stumble upon and scrape a boy's penis when he sits down on the potty, which may cause him to associate going to the lavatory with pain.

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